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An auto warranty is protection for your car that is provided by the auto manufacturer. It covers your automobile for a certain amount of miles or time, then fades away. These warranties change depending on the automobile manufacturer and car design. Make sure before you purchase your car, that the warranty provided lines up correctly with what you want. 

Types of Warranties Offered

Not all warranties are the same. For instance, a powertrain warranty is not the same as a corrosion warranty. To make sure that you understand all warranties that are presented as an option, read the following on what each auto warranty covers.

Powertrain Warranty

Mechanic inspecting car with hood up and a clipboardA powertrain warranty covers everything that gives power to your automobile. This auto warranty covers your car’s engine, transmission, axles, seals, drive shafts, and more. Any part that is required to get the car to move is covered by a powertrain auto warranty.

Factory Warranty

A factory warranty is typically given to an automobile purchaser automatically. A factory warranty covers any defective parts that come with the car. This would include any parts that are diminished due to poor workmanship or an error committed by the manufacturer. An interesting fact about a factory warranty is that it does not expire after you sell your car. The auto warranty has a specific period of time and expires only after that period ends.

Extended Warranty

Once your factory warranty expires, you have the option of purchasing an extended warranty. This option provides you with similar benefits as a factory warranty, however that is not always the case. Automobile manufacturers may change the warranty in some aspects. Furthermore, you do not have to purchase an extended warranty straight from the manufacturer. You can actually purchase it from a trusted third party partner.

Bumper To Bumper Warranty

Bumper to bumper warranties cover a slew of automotive components. The list of components includes: electrical components, steering systems, air conditioning and heating, , safety features, technological systems, and all major vehicle mechanisms. It also now includes battery components for electric vehicles. On average, these auto warranties are included for three years, or about 36,000 miles. 

Corrosion Warranty

Rust is a problem on all cars, especially in rainy or salty climates. Thus, there is an option to purchase a corrosion warranty for your car. This covers almost all corrosive damages from the environment that may affect your car.

Technician looking for potential issues on a silver sedan.

Adjustment Warranties

Adjustment warranties are not provided by the manufacturer. However, they are created by the car dealership to cover: small adjustments, leaks, alignments, rattles or squeaks. So next time you purchase a car from the dealership, ask about an adjustment warranty and see if that specific dealership offers any.

What Is Not Covered In Auto Warranties?

Not all damages caused to your car are covered by your warranties. This may come as a surprise however, we are here to help before you are blindsided.

Exterior and Interior Damage

Auto warranties do not cover damage such as scratches or dings to your car’s exterior. Additionally, any damage done to the interior of your car such as: broken plastic, scratches, or holes in your car’s upholstery is not covered. 

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance entails your typical auto shop visits. This includes routine oil changes, tire rotations, changing air filters, changing windshield wipers and more. This would also include items that receive wear-and-tear such as your brake pads or headlights. 

Damage Caused by External Factors

Your auto warranty will not cover external factors. External factors include: improper car care, car modifications, damage from an accident, or damage from the environment. 

Need Help Deciding on an Auto Warranty?

If you still are worried about your auto warranty options, give Home & Auto Resources a call today! You can reach us at (888) 535-2762 or on our contact page. We provide auto services ranging from auto insurance to automobile financing. We provide all the expert support and insights that you need to make an educated automobile decision. Reach out today! 

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