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From the moment we get our driver’s license, we have had a driving record. Every action you’ve taken while driving to the current day is kept on this record, which becomes important later in life for big steps like getting a job or buying insurance. Knowing what your driving record is and making sure that it’s a good driving record is critical to your future, as well as your own safety. Despite the fact that you could be denied a job or insurance, which are already not great outcomes, you could put yourself and others in danger with consistent tickets or accidents. There are many reasons why a good driving record is important.

What is a Driving Record?

A silver or gray car driving on an empty 4 lane road.

There is quite a bit of information on your driving record. It often includes personal information like your name, address, and information that can be found on your driver’s license as well, such as your license number classification, and expiration date.

Beyond personal information, there is also your driving information. This includes speeding tickets, DUIs, fines, suspensions, traffic violations, and points on your record. It will also have a record of any accidents you’ve been in. Your driving record will not include things like parking tickets or any of your non-driving criminal offenses.

Who Checks For a Good Driving Record?

It’s important to know who is looking at your driving record and why it needs to look good to them. The first group who looks at your record is insurance providers. They need this information to determine what plan you will be given. The second group who looks at your driving record is potential employers.

Why is it Important?

When it comes to getting your own insurance, the more accurate your driving record information is, the more accurate a quote you can get from your provider. The better your driving record is, with things like fewer tickets, accidents, or points on your license, the better the policy you will be able to get for your insurance.

Employers also highly value a good driving record. There are many reasons a good driving record would be important underneath this umbrella. The first is their insurance. The company hiring you has their own insurance policies. If they are a business that needs drivers, like a truck driving company, or even a business that requires its employees to drive frequently, like a remotely located company or one that requires travel, it’s very important for them to have skilled drivers. If you have a bad driving record, the worst case is you don’t get hired because you are a liability. They won’t want their insurance rates to be impacted poorly.

Employers Using a Driving Record

Smiling woman driving car with another woman in passenger seatEmployers also sometimes use driving records to determine a potential employee’s behavior. It helps them screen people and get a sense for the candidate’s temperament. A good driving record can be reflective of many good character traits. A lack of speeding tickets is indicative of a patient and careful mindset. Do you make good decisions or are you reckless?

Another important characteristic of good employees is responsibility and reliability. If you are being hired at a place where you have to drive a distance to work everyday, a good driving record will demonstrate to future employers that you can get to work safely and consistently

Motivation to have a good driving record is also important because it’s never bad to improve your driving habits. Don’t speed or act foolishly just for the sake of your own life. Saving yourself some money and keeping yourself safe both have great long term benefits and these can come from having a good driving record.

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