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Since the invention of the first widely available automobile in 1908 cars have been a huge passion for many people in The United States. So, it’s no surprise that there are tens of millions of Americans driving around each day. Because there is so much traffic on a daily basis there are tens of thousands of fatal car crashes every single year. Driving may be a fun pastime for many but it’s important to be safe while you’re driving your vehicle.

Ways To Stay Safe Inside view of a man driving a car

America’s infrastructure is built around driving and there’s no easy way to get around that. Whether you’re driving your own vehicle or using public transportation it’s likely that vehicular travel is the most common way to get around. Unfortunately you’re not in control of how other people drive but you can take steps to ensure that you drive as safely as possible to minimize accidents. If you do end up in an accident you may end up needing to take a safety driving course. To prevent that from happening we’ll go over a few ways that you can practice safe driving.

Buckle Up

If you do end up in a car accident then your best bet for keeping yourself safe is to use your seatbelt. Without anything to keep yourself in place during a collision you risk the chance of flying out of your seat and seriously injuring yourself or even worse, dying. The last thing you want while you’re crashing into a car is to launch out of your windshield. Not only does wearing your seatbelt protect you, but it can protect other passengers in your car from being hit by you if you end up ejecting from your seat. 

Safety Inspections

Modern cars have a wide variety of safety features to not only prevent you from getting into an accident, but also to keep you safe in the event of an accident. However, those safety systems are only useful if they’re working properly. That’s why you should regularly inspect your car’s safety systems to ensure that they’ll work when you need them most. When it comes to the airbag in your car, check the airbag indicator light on the dashboard to make sure it’s in working order. For most cars, if the light is flashing that means there’s something wrong with your airbag and you should immediately get it checked by a professional. Also check all of your mirrors so they’re facing exactly where you need them. One final point about preparing yourself for an accident is that not only is having car insurance important but necessary to drive your vehicle.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

A woman adjusting the rearview mirror in her car

Even if you’re a safe driver that doesn’t mean everyone else is. A speeding car can easily catch you off guard if you’re not paying attention and cause a collision with your car. That’s why staying vigilant while you’re driving is so important. Not only do you need to be aware of the other cars driving on the road with you but you also should be paying attention to any traffic signs. Not stopping at a stop sign can lead to a quick trip to the hospital. Speed limit signs are just as important for safe driving. If you’re going over the speed limit there’s a good chance you can be the cause of a serious accident. A big part of staying focused on the road is minimizing any distractions in your car. So put your phone down, set the music to a reasonable volume, and keep your eyes on the road.


  • Wear your seatbelt

  • Make sure your car is in working order

  • Be aware of your surroundings

  • Obey the traffic laws

What Else Can You Learn About Safe Driving?

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