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If you want to insure your motorcycle, you will have to consider several factors that other motorists don’t. You may also need different types of insurance based on how many people travel with you. This makes buying motorcycle insurance pricier and more complicated than auto insurance. Auto insurance covers damages to your car, property damage caused by accidents, and medical bills for injuries. Motorcycle insurance offers similar coverage for your motorcycle, but insurance policies may need to be tailored more to your specific needs. You also don’t want to be an underinsured motorist, so it’s essential to understand your motorcycle insurance policy and how it differs from the car insurance you may be used to.

Motorcycle Insurance Costs Are Typically Higher

Man inspecting motorcycle with clipboardInsurance rates for a motorcycle are usually higher than car insurance/auto insurance due to the increased risk of accidents. You are more likely to get injured in a motorcycle accident, which raises the likelihood that you’ll file a claim. You can save money on your premium by having a record showing you take motorcycle safety seriously.

If you’re looking for motorcycle insurance discounts, motorcycles like sport bikes can be more expensive to insure than dirt bikes. When searching for affordable motorcycle insurance, exploring the right option for your specific type of vehicle is crucial.

Motorcycles Benefit From Laid-up Insurance

Many motorcycle insurance companies offer laid-up insurance if you only ride your motorcycle seasonally. This type of uninsured motorist coverage protects you during the months when your motorcycle is in storage. Instead of collisions, laid-up insurance protects against theft or property damages that can impact stored motorcycles.

The best part about laid-up insurance options is that they can offset the extra cost you’ll be paying for your insurance during the on-season. In contrast, if you own a car, you are likely paying to insure it year-round.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Should Protect Against Injury

When you compare other accidents to motorcycle accidents, motorcyclists are at a much higher risk of serious injury. An optional form of insurance known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) can help you with expenses resulting from bodily injury sustained in a crash.

This can also make motorcycle insurance quotes more expensive, but you will still pay less for insurance than you would if you had to cover hospital expenses on your own. Using full coverage motorcycle insurance is sometimes safer than cheap options.

Motorcycle Insurance Requires Extra Protection for Other Riders

Man on phone call next to parked motorcycle on side of roadAll motorcycle insurance covers you, but it usually assumes that insurance is only necessary for one rider. If you intend to ride your bike with multiple riders, you’ll need to ensure your insurance company offers protection for them.

Guest passenger liability coverage will offer protection, but only if you aren’t found liable for injuries. On the other hand, medical payment coverage can cover hospital expenses regardless of fault. You must pick suitable insurance coverage options if you like to hit the open road with friends.

Auto insurance, on the other hand, will usually have a form of injury protection for passengers. This is because there is an expectation that you will likely have passengers in your car at some point.

Motorcycle Insurance Offers Unique Features

Most vehicle insurance offers add-on options like emergency roadside assistance. Motorcycle coverage options can also include protection for custom parts which will reduce replacement costs. Motorcyclists can also insure their motorcycle trailers so that it isn’t a total loss if something happens in transit. However, if you want cheap motorcycle insurance quotes, you don’t need any add-ons.

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